Papua New Guinea Ecology Institute (P.N.G.E.I) is a non profit organisation established in 2003. As a primary focus P.N.G.E.I. promotes biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development within the local community. Initiating programs that are aimed at raising the standard of living and alleviating poverty. When you purchase any Emmann product you are giving back and empowering the local Papua New Guinea community.

Some main objectives of P.N.G.E.I. include:

• Introduction and cultivation of vanilla vines as a new and additional cash crop for the community

• Promote good governance within the local government by working together to bring about development of infrastructure and facilities in the community. This will help create a favourable business climate for the electorate and the province.

• Promote and nurture community leadership, through sharing of experiences among project partners.

• Provide economic incentives to rural communities through insect ranching as part of the biodiversity research and conservation effort in PNG.

• Promote and coordinate honey production and marketing as a supplementary income generating activity for the existing small scale coffee growers.